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All Things Are Moleeds


In addition to the arts, Mr. Fleischer has a deep love for science. He has a patented invention that measures the golden ratio, written a science paper published on the Cornell University website regarding the origin of GRB’s (Gamma-ray bursts), and developed a mathematical treatise called Moleeds that provides a method for revealing the dynamic symmetry generated by each prime number. A comedic presentation of Moleeds is the subject of his TED talk.


“I was amazed and astounded
when I learned the only thing that differentiates one element from the next is the number of protons in the nucleus.
Molecules are made from atoms
Atoms are composed of
electrons, neutrons and protons.
Protons are composed of quarks….
Does the progression to smaller ever end?
Is there a primary particle/wave that everything is based on?
If there is, could Moleeds provide the method for understanding the patterns and relationships that create the structure of everything ?
Can Moleeds demonstrate a methodology for data compression?”
-Charles Fleischer 

Gamma-ray bursts

These images were created after the publication of Mr. Fleischer’s science paper and present new data to support his hypothesis. 

The ZiZ and
Golden Ratio

“Golden ratio is everywhere in nature and human design.

This self replicating proportion is an instinsic part of the structural design used by nature.”
“The golden ratio is perhaps the most important element of science that is known but not fully realized.”
To assist in the realization process
Charles invented an adjustable device called the “ZiZ” that can expand or contract to reveal the locations of golden ratio proportion.
Charles Fleischer Science Contributions