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Out of My Mind is a collection of short stories written by Charles Fleischer.

Magical Tales with Thunderbolt Twists

Out of My Mind is collection of eleven magical stories infused with love and mystery. They are funny, literary, and wise. The characters deal with unusual and unexpected situations that challenge their understanding of what is and isn’t possible as they search for hope, transcendence, and the courage to overcome pain and sorrow.

A man with a photographic memory looking to find his place in the world. The dreams of an adopted girl open doors that can’t be closed. A country boy uses the magic of water and discovers secrets from a foreign land. A scientist uncovers the hidden power of fingerprints. A mysterious wife reveals the origins of her rituals. A boy and his deceased grandfather share something rare and dangerous. A sculptor and a collector confront an army of hungry invaders.

The stories end at the bottom of the page, the characters will live on in your mind.
Out of My Mind by Charles Fleischer